A Full English breakfast


Unit 5 in our textbook More 4 focuses on foodhealthy food as well as junk food!

A Full English breakfast is definitely not the healthiest option for a breakfast but having it occasionally, which means once a year, is really OK.

Our breakfast morning provided a journey of the senses as the students had the chance to smell and taste baked beans, peanut butter, pork sausages, (orange) marmalade, breakfast bacon and fried toast, besides the well-known tea, scrambled eggs, orange juice and cornflakes.

Let’s keep this brilliant breakfast at the top of our to-do list at least once a year !


Here are some handy breakfast phrases which will help you sound like a native in no time.

‘Fancy a cuppa?’ – Would you like a cup of tea?
‘One lump or two?’ – This refers to how many pieces of sugar you would like in your tea.
‘What did you have for brekkie?’ – What did you have for breakfast?
‘I’ll have a full English, please!’ – I will have the full English breakfast, please.

Impressions of our yummy breakfast



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